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Dallas City

Dallas City

Ranches and cowboys, desert and cacti, horses and revolvers, saloons and rodeos, big hats and jingling spurs boots — this is Texas. Still in this blessed land remember the traditions and customs of many years ago, from which grew the present capital of the state — the city of Dallas.

Called Texas’s «Silicon Valley» for the high level of technological development and is home to cowboy culture for their dedication and loyalty to tradition.

The world-famous Dallas City thanks to the eponymous TV show and one of the most tragic events in US history — the murder of the 37-th President of the United States John F. Kennedy.

For a long time, Dallas had the glory of the pretentious and rich symbol of Texas, but on close acquaintance with the city, you can see that its people — simple, friendly and hardworking people, who have no idea about the reasons for the emergence of the stereotype about Texas superiority.

The first residential building settlers appeared on the shores of the Trinity river in 1841. A little later, around it grew a small settlement, named in honor of Vice-President of the USA George Mifflin Dallas.

By the end of the XIX century there was built a railway, which gave impetus to the development of the village as a commercial center. The main engines of the economy of Dallas became the cotton and oil industry, and after the Second world war it was added to the aircraft industry. However, the industry is not the only trump of Dallas. Its cultural life is no less rich and saturated than the production.

The city centre is full of skyscrapers, concrete rule which violate green parks and squares. To explore the city from a bird’s flight is only 45 minutes. So much time is required for the restaurant on the tower reunion towers, Dallas for a complete revolution around its axis. It’s a miracle of technical and culinary progress — one of the mandatory places to visit.

Among other attractions are the sixth floor Museum on elm street, where he was killed President Kennedy, the Dallas theater center, fashion House, Fair Park art Deco style with the stadium «Cotton bowl».

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Dallas City
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