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  • 1. Desert of Egypt occupies 95% of the whole country.
  • 2. Only 5% of the whole territory of the country is home to a large part of the population.
  • 3. The basis of agriculture in the country is the coastal part of the Nile.
  • 4. In Egypt first began to transmit the data to use pigeons.
  • 5. The duty on the Suez canal is the main income of the country.
  • 6. Tourism contributes one-third of the total income of Egypt.
  • 7. Oil is almost the main source of income of the country.
  • 8. It was in Egypt first began to use wigs.
  • 9. Approximately 2 600 000 BC was a famous image of the Egyptian wigs.
  • 10. In Egypt found the world’s oldest castle.
  • 11. In this country discovered the world’s oldest wine cellar.
  • 12. The first to use and fusing glass began the Egyptians.
  • 13. Using moldy bread treated infectious diseases in Egypt.
  • 14. In 1968 was built the biggest dam on the Nile river.
  • 15. In Egypt, invented the first paper and ink.
  • 16. Their birthdays were ignored by the inhabitants of Egypt.
  • 17. In this country, was invented scissors and combs for hairdressing.
  • 18. Suez is the world’s largest man-made canal.
  • 19. The red and the Mediterranean sea are connected through the Suez canal.
  • 20. In 1869 was built the Suez canal.

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