Germany wallpaper

— Germany has the second largest population in Europe after Russia;
— chewing gum was invented in Germany. For this invention we must be grateful to Hans Riegel;
— Germany became the first country in the world, which began to turn to summer time. The first time it happened in 1916;
— Germany is the largest Department store in Europe. Its area is 60,000 square meters;
— interesting is the fact that the word «foreigner» in Germany is a dirty word;
— drivers in Germany go very carefully and always pass pedestrians, so they say, that in Germany the Zebra crossing, you can go with your eyes closed;
— in Germany many people live in rented accommodation. It’s considered the norm;
— to ensure that in Germany you can go to the usual fishing should immediately pass special courses, which told in detail what manipulations should be done with fish, so it was not very painful;
— repair of household appliances in Germany is very expensive, so the Germans simply buy a new. Than to repair the old one;
— Christmas in Germany is celebrated much more than a favorite New year; we’ve added some pictures of this events to our Germany wallpaper list;
— in Germany decided to go to bed earlier and get up;
— in Germany one of the most popular types of transportation is a Bicycle. Even small children in school learn the rules of the road. In order to obtain special rights, they need to pass theoretical and practical exams;
— in Germany a very high fine for the train in public transport «a hare». It is about 40 euros.;
in Germany, homeless people often lead the dogs to get extra money from the state for their maintenance;
— in the German language has very many dialects. Sometimes, when broadcast on television transmission from the North to the South show it with subtitles.

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