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Great Britain

Great Britain wallpaper

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— In the UK the bathrooms have different taps for hot and cold water. Why do that is unclear. Also near each outlet installed switches, so no need to switch off the appliances themselves, you can just press the off button.

London is very well developed metro. His stations are in each area, as well as the railway station and airport, so very convenient. For travel on the London underground there is no fixed payment, i.e. you pay for the number of stations that will pass.

— people in the UK usually at home things are not wash and wear Laundry, so all cities well developed network of laundries.

— almost all museums in London you can go for free, but all visitors have the opportunity to leave «donations» that amount of money that they deem acceptable.
in the UK it is very difficult to meet homeless animals. Usually they are kept in special shelters. This is due to the act of animal cruelty.

the word moment means a medieval measure of time used in England and it is equal to one and a half minutes.
— originally the umbrella was used only for protection from the sun, and only the Englishman Jonas Henvey proposed its use as protection from rain. It happened in 1750.

— Britain was formed by the merger of Scotland with England. This agreement was signed in 1707 and was the reason for the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

in the UK, there is a very peculiar law, which forbids dangling from the window bed.
— in the UK love to drink tea. This country is located on the third dream after India and Turkey for the consumption of tea per capita.

— the word «Great» added to Britain only in order to be able to designate this country as a political unit. Work., Britain is an island and UK is a country.

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Great Britain
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