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The huge popularity of General Sam Houston, under whose command the people of the state defeated the Mexican army in the fight for Texas independence just a few months ago, I brought the brothers Allen on the idea to give the name of the city of Houston.

Was Sam Houston the first Governor of Texas, so honored to give his name to a new town, or had other reasons anyway, but the plans of the brothers Allen came true – they founded the city 30 Nov 1836 became the capital of the state. Most likely, the capital was rated the city «in the future» — as a recognition of his great potential, because at the time Houston was only one of many typical American small towns.

The Houston a short time managed to be a capital – already in 1839, it was decided to move the state capital to Austin.

Despite the loss functions of the capital city, the population of Houston has grown significantly over several years, by 1850, the year exceeding two thousand people, there were schools and shops.

With the development of the railway network in the mid-nineteenth century Houston, it gradually became an important transport hub for the transport of large volumes of cotton, cattle and wood.

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