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Hungary wallpaper

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Goulash, buses «Ikarus», the Omega group, a Rubik’s cube – about such associations arise when we mention Hungary. But this small European country there is still something to brag about – here invented the ballpoint pen, it worked Imre Kalman and Ferenc Liszt, here goes the longest tram in the world (54 meters)!

Well, and, of course, Hungary is famous for its capital – Budapest. That’s about it we’ll talk today – all the fun in our TOP 6!

Fact # 1: Capital of Hungary consists of two parts
They are called Buda and pest. The first part is hillier, the second is relatively «flat». Once it was two different town on the opposite banks of the Danube, and only in 1873 vending pest and Buda merged in modern «pearl of the Danube».

Today this part of the capital of Hungary (as mentioned on Hungary wallpaper) there are many bridges, the oldest of them finally tied the Chain pest and Will. By the way, is one of the symbols of Budapest Hungary – photo Chain bridge is in the camera at each tourist leaving the city.

Fact # 2: Capital of Hungary – Budapest – considered one of the best resorts
We’ve learned that capital is, first of all, government, neighborhoods and business centers. But in Budapest, in addition, it is customary to have a rest with advantage for health! Under the city, at a depth of about 1 kilometer, are the thermal springs – the first time they were used by the ancient Romans. By the way, they built on the future site of the capital of Hungary the baths.

Today, most baths have a view of the outdoor swimming pools with warm water and saunas. People come here from all over the world – rich in magnesium and sulfur water help to cope with cardiovascular, rheumatic and gynecological diseases.

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