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Liverpool City

Liverpool City

Liverpool City is situated in the North-West coast of England and presented as a leading industrial city in the UK. Even the nineteenth century, he along with Manchester it was considered the flagship of the industrial revolution. The status of the city of Liverpool received in 1880, when it began its rapid development and, over time, the city turned into a huge metropolis on an international scale.

For the history of Liverpool, there have been religious events that had important consequences for the whole world. The main event of the sixties of the last century was the birth of the legendary group «The Beatles», was composed of such great musicians as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Josh Harrison and Ringo Starr. A few years earlier, there was another important event. In one of the ports of Liverpool was lowered into the water Britannic, which followed the fate of the equally famous ship Titanic.

Liverpool is full of architectural and historical landmarks that give the city a grace. There are such famous football clubs as «Liverpool» and «Everton», making it the largest football region in England.

The main architectural symbol of the city is the neo-Gothic Cathedral. His favorite place in 1903 on the project of Dzh. G. Scott. The Cathedral was built over several decades and its construction was completed only in the seventies of the last century.

Strong impression is made the dimensions of the Cathedral. Its length is 188 meters and the highest peak of 101 meters. Its main bell weighs about 31 tons. The total area of the temple is 9687 square meters.

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Liverpool City
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