New York

New York

New York wallpaper page is dedicated to attractions in New York city, you will find the most interesting museums, squares, skyscrapers, streets, monuments, places of worship, to discover; all objects are accompanied by the name in Russian and English, photos, detailed description. Attractions marked on the map for museums and galleries specified timetable and cost of tickets.

The big Apple, a city of contrasts, capital of the world, the city on the Hudson, new Babylon, the city of the yellow devil — New York’s many names and guises. Every day it changes his appearance and every time opens before the traveler. I cannot imagine a more motley, multifaceted, contradictory, restless, mad city, which annually move thousands of people hoping to snatch a piece of happiness.

Huge New York is divided into five major districts («boroughs»): Staten island, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and the most expensive and prestigious Manhattan, the heart of which is praised by writers, Directors and photographers in times square.

If America is a melting pot, the epicenter, of course, in New York. On the streets you can meet people of all possible nationalities and religions. As a rule, immigrants from the same country live compactly within the limits of an area. The Chinese inhabit Chinatown, Russian — Brighton beach, the Filipino — street, Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside, Hindus, Jackson heights, Queens, the Italians are Staten island, the Irish — Hell’s kitchen, Manhattan, and so on.

To more fully represent the size of New York, you need to ponder these numbers: in one square kilometer there is 10 thousand inhabitants; every day on city roads travels five million cars; metro consists of 468 stations; the population of cities and agglomerations is a total of 23 million people. Impressive numbers, certainly not transmit to any scale. To judge, is to visit New York in person.

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New York
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