San Antonio

San Antonio

San Antonio— the second largest city of Ibiza and, according to British clubbers, clubbing capital of the world. For 2,000 years this resort was a small fishing village, but since the 50-ies of the last century joined the number of resort points of the island, designed for mass tourism.

In May, June, September and October are usually quite calm: relaxing, mostly lovers young and not so couples, watching the sunset at Caf? del Mar.

High season — July and August — hot time for British «holiday», hot parties and nightlife. Recently, British tourists are more Germans, Italians, Scandinavians and Dutch.

San Antonio is famous for its Sunset Strip» (West of the city near Calo d’es Moro) — the sunsets are incredibly beautiful, so tourists usually grab a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful sight.

In the Central square grow flowering exotic trees and «singing» fountains. Hence, it is best to watch fireworks in holiday Valentine’s day. Bartholomew is August 24.

In the heart of the town stands the old Church of the 14th century, and the near legendary «Egg of Columbus», representing the ship of the discoverer of new lands «Santa Maria». The egg itself comes from a legend that Columbus managed to set the egg upright (slightly breaking it more base). The legend gave rise to a popular expression, meaning to overcome the problems that initially seem unsolvable

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San Antonio
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