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San Diego

San Diego

The ocean in San Diego is much warmer than in Los Angeles, according to eyewitnesses. All summer in the ocean you can swim, not having the skills of winter swimming. Ocean surf attracts surfers sitting in the water all year round. We bought a cheap body board and gladly plunged into the depths of the waves.

The ride on the Board was quite simple and incredibly addictive fun. It does not need to have any skills or extra charges like a wetsuit. In other days the waves are the size as a man can walk almost to the beach. Sandy beaches in San Diego stretch almost continuously from the Mexican border and further North.

A large and fairly predictable problem with a trip to the beach — of course, Parking. You can spend up to an hour trying to find a place where to stick the car.

Even paid Parking basically full, and long tails of bursts are drawn to him. We are particularly amazed and continues to amaze frost Californians.

They can splash around in the icy water of the weather, when we have to do nothing except stand on the shore shivered in jackets from the chilly wind. Most often sitting in water children aged I could barely walk to elementary school.

Parents at this time can sit in the recliner, covered with a blanket, and you can join them. But again, summer is indeed a Paradise with warm ocean and air temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius.

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San Diego
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