Circuit board

Circuit board

In General, all methods of manufacturing printed circuit boards can be divided into two broad categories: additive (from the Latin additio -addition) and subtractive (from the Latin subtratio—substraction). Example of subtractive technology is all the known LOOT (Laser crystal cabochons technology) and its variations.

In the process of creating a printed circuit Board according to this technology, we are protecting the future of track on a sheet of fiberglass with toner from a laser printer, and then bleed all the junk in chloric iron.

In additive methods conductive paths, on the contrary, applied to the surface of the dielectric in one way or another.
Semiadditive methods (sometimes they are called combined) is a cross between the classic additive and subtractive.

In the production process of PP in this method, a part of the conductive coating can bleed (sometimes almost immediately after application), but usually it is faster/easier/cheaper than the subtractive methods.

In most cases, this is due to the fact that a large part of the thickness of the tracks is built up by electroplating or by chemical methods, and the layer is subjected to etching — thin and serves only as a conductive coating for electroplating.

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Circuit board
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