Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers

It is no exaggeration to say that the beautiful flowers love to all: let’s face it, not only the fairer sex love to admire the beautiful bouquets or flowers lovingly grown in pots. In addition to photos of beautiful flowers on the Internet are often looking for and other information. For example, interesting facts about flowers no less concerned about the number of users. The most interesting thing about the colors of different countries of the world, you will be able to read the material on this page.

The flower is the reproductive organs for angiosperms. It is formed from a special escape. Green sepals and a Corolla of petals protect the stamens and pistil.

Stamens — male part of the flower and pistil is the female, it is composed of ovary, style and stigma. Stamens produce pollen, it gets into the ovary, where fertilization occurs and a seed is formed. From the ovary forms the fruit that protects the seed and contribute to its spread.

Animals eat the fruit along with the seed, which then goes into the ground and germinates. In addition, seeds can be transported by the wind. One of the interesting facts about colors – there are plants with only stamens or only with pistils. These flowers produce sweet nectar that attracts birds and insects that carry pollen from flower to flower.

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Beautiful Flowers
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