— the Lily has long been considered a symbol of innocence and purity. For example, the Greeks in ancient times was given to this flower divine properties. They believed that the Lily grew out of the mother’s milk of the gods.

— this flower can be found even in the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians. It means freedom, hope, and a short life.
in France the Lily is an emblem of Royal power. Therefore, this flower is important for the French as a historical fact.
in aristocratic families, brides bouquets sent, which was definitely the Lily. In those days the Lily was a sign of deep respect and reverence.

— in Ancient Rome the image of Lily was printed on the coins. Thus, the Governor has given hope to his subjects that they will receive from him every good.
in ancient Greece people believed that the flowers lilies live fairy elves.

— plant height can vary from 30 to 250 cm!
this flower belongs to the Lily family of plants and is a perennial that grows from bulbs.

— lilies can be counted about 2 000 varieties. What is most interesting is the large number of varieties – more than 70 is increasing in East Asia, the second place is North America.

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