Roses are, undoubtedly, the most famous and popular in floristry flowers. Today on the Queen of flowers – 15 interesting facts:
1. To obtain 1kg of rose oil is necessary to recycle about 4 tons of rose petals. It is not surprising that oil is, to put it mildly, is not cheap.
2. Shakespeare in his works did not fail to mention the roses more than 50 times. And in the library of Confucius can be found 600 volumes of the Queen of flowers.
3. In 1945, during the military operation destroyed the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany on the wall of which were roses. Interestingly, a rose Bush, or rather its roots, remained under the rubble in one piece. Soon the flowers have grown and now bear the honorary title of the oldest roses on the planet – the first mention of them is recorded in 815.
4. Annually in the world sells 150 million roses.
5. The title of «Queen of flowers» came from the light pen /specifically, obviously, out of cane sticks:)/ the Greek poet Sappho. Before that, the Greeks were convinced that rose is not «the Queen» and «king of flowers».
6. The aroma of the petals of the Apothecary rose is enhanced when they dry.
7. If you cross two varieties of roses with strong fragrance will get a hybrid with a very weak smell (or no). This is because the gene responsible for fragrance is recessive.
8. It is believed that those who regularly inhale the scent of roses, kinder and evoke far greater sympathy than those who did not sniffing:)
9. In the writings of the famous physician and philosopher Avicenna (aka Ibn Sina) list indications for the use of roses has two pages.
10. War of the roses got its name because the fighting Lancaster and York on the arms was a picture of these flowers.
11. Japanese scientists, two decades worked on the creation of natural blue roses, a couple of years ago, has achieved the same success. The difficulty was that in the chromosomes of roses is missing the gene of the blue pigment. In the end, the breeders realized to introduce into roses the gene pansies.
However, while scholars have puzzled over the mysteries of nature florists all over the world very successfully «invented» the blue rose, painting white flowers with a special spray.

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