Tulips are perhaps the most popular spring flowers. Beautiful bouquet of tulips, presented to the holiday — a wonderful and touching gift. Where is this lovely flower?

Despite all the beauty of this flower, Greek, Roman mythology somehow left us about him any legend. Although wild tulips in large quantity growing on the sacred Cretan mount IDA, where it could not fail to notice the locals.

The first information about the Tulip came from Persia. In her stories and legends about this flower abound. The Persians called him «dulbash», which means «Turkish turban», which later came the word «turban», which the Russian language was transformed into «the Tulip».

Tulips was sung by many poets of Persia, and especially Hafiz Shirazi. The Sufi master asserted that the pristine beauty of a Tulip can’t compare even with the beauty of the delicate cypress trees and fragrant roses.

Even more popular were the tulips from the Turks. Their wives bred these flowers in the seraglio in large quantity.
In Western Europe, tulips were only in 1559. The first bulbs to Augsburg sent the German Ambassador, held at the Turkish yard. After tulips spread throughout Europe.

The elector of Brandenburg, Friedrich Wilhelm in the early sixteenth century made a collection of tulips, which consisted of 216 varieties. In 1740 a collection of the Margrave of Baden-Durlach consisted of 360 species.

Among aficionados of these colors were cardinal Richelieu, Marshal de Biron, the Austrian Emperor Franz II, the great thinker Voltaire and the French king Louis XVIII. The latter, being quite sick, ordered the court to impose themselves in the gardens of Sevres and for several hours enjoyed the delicate flowers, who raised him to be the gardener Coffe.

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