White roses

White roses

A bouquet of white roses is a fairly common gift from men to their beloveds. Making such a gift, men consciously and responsibly account for all the nuances in the preparation of the bouquet. Consider the number, variety, stem length, fragrance, and much more. But not all men, just as women know that white roses have a symbolic language, the transcript of which can be quite a lot to learn about the intentions of the person making such a gift.

If a man gave a flower white rose, it says that his heart really wants to get rid of loneliness and love: passionately, gently, easily.

The gift of three white roses do with the purpose of the message of a great love.
Four and seven flowers can not be present. You should avoid this number.

Bouquet of five roses says that the giver of man wants only happiness, success in all your undertakings.
Ten roses in a bouquet is a symbol of beauty, sweet, dear women, girls. In the case when the bouquet has one rose, says that girl, which is addressed to the gift, too young to be men, which means more than a friendly relationship, one should not hope.

It is considered that a bouquet of eleven roses can give only a wife to her husband.
In accepting the gift, twenty-five white roses, you should think about what Your loved one really wants to see You is not just his girlfriend, and his beloved wife.

Twenty seven roses, the husband tells his wife that his love for her immense and limitless.

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White roses
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