About a position manager

About a position manager

In a translation from English the term «manager» is meant «by the expert in the organization of economic processes», and in understanding of the Russian person – the managing director. That is it is possible to tell that this profession is familiar to us long ago and differs only the name. After all actually operating at plants and factories were engaged in creation of favorable projects with their subsequent introduction, made decisions and held for them the answer, organized work of collective and provided interaction of employees.


The same duties are carried out by the modern manager, which should understand legal and psychological aspects, have skills of the head, own a situation in the market, and also master new methods of work and technology, to teach subordinates.

The choice of a type of professional activity of people should make proceeding from the abilities. In solid personnel agencies regular psychologists who help competitors to decide on the direction of labor activity (human resource management or production, planning of finance) work. After conversation with the psychologist it will be easier to you to choose concrete faculty of management. The profession the manager business администрейшн suits people who can be engaged in production management and the personnel, and planning of finance. Such versatile persons have more chances to receive a good position, rather than experts in concrete area.

To care of future employment follows even during study. Therefore try to strike up useful acquaintances and prove from the best party. The good expert never remains without work even if it has no influential acquaintances. If the solid companies prefer experts in the recommendation, opening branches often intentionally employ yesterday’s graduates subsequently to have the personnel of the profile.

After training to treble on an executive position it is unreal. The matter is that such professional activity demands experience, and heads of the companies do not intend to subject the business to additional risk. Therefore be ready that your career will begin with a position of the secretary or the manager. If you intend to achieve success, and possess all necessary abilities, periodically dispatch the summaries on personnel agencies, continuing labor activity. Remember that on search of good vacancy years therefore get hand in sometimes leave and do not forget about summary mailing.

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About a position manager
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