Additional education: MVA

Additional education: MVA

To construct successful career, it is not enough to have one higher education, let even the prestigious. At the best it is necessary to work some years «to the seventh sweat» that you were noticed by the management. Some people aspire to receive second higher education or to defend the doctoral or master’s dissertation, to increase the authority and to have possibility to receive well paid position.

For managers and workers of the economic sphere there is an excellent option of receiving additional education — Master of Business Administration (MVA) in one of domestic or foreign business schools.

It is not necessary to consider MVA, as second higher education. However such additional education gives the chance career growth and receiving a solid salary. It is necessary to know that study on one of MVA programs is paid and costs expensive. For example, the course at foreign business schools will manage to you in 10-30 thousand US dollars. Degree of the Master of administration – a guarantee of professional qualification of the manager of the top management. Besides this degree is quoted not only in our country, but also abroad and gives ample opportunities for creation of successful career.

Wishing to study according to the MVA program should have the higher education and experience in business or in the specialty. Besides one of indispensable conditions is the knowledge of English at least at the average level. To receive qualitative knowledge aspire not only young specialists, but managers of a large link and even the solid businessmen heading own companies.

As a rule, training at business schools according to the MVA program begins in the beginning middle of autumn. Arriving in foreign business schools should pass examinations: TOEFL test on knowledge of English and the general logical-mathematical – GMAT. Reception of statements is carried out till April-May (depending on school) therefore it is better to be engaged in preparation of documents in January.

As to duration of a course, it depends on a mode (full-time, part-time, Executive), but does not exceed 3 years. The part-time mode allows to study on-the-job, that is in the evening and more long than the others as some semester. The full-time mode means only study and allows to replace specialization in desire of the student without special problems. The Executive mode is suitable for top managers with decent experience and achieved certain successes in the economy or business sphere. Exists also remote form of education — Distance-learning detailed information about which can be found on the corresponding sites.

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Additional education: MVA
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