Arctic wallpaper

The Arctic is the northernmost part of the planet, as we can see at arctic wallpaper, at its center is the Arctic ocean. It covers Iceland and the polar regions of the Nordic countries, Russia, USA and Canada. The ocean is covered with drifting ice, on the Islands, the permanent ice cover.

The edge of the Arctic is tundra: low, swampy, covered with lichens, mosses and grass plains, where the Nenets, Sami, Chukchi herd reindeer. The Inuit of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago do the hunting and fishing. Here you can find a great polar bear, wolves, foxes, reindeer, hares and lemmings. White color camouflages it among snow and ice
Indigenous people in the Arctic is considered the Eskimos. However, most anthropologists agree that there are many different groups that are also indigenous to the cold Northern latitudes. There are three main groups: the Inuit, Aleuts and Utah. Aleuts — natives of the Aleutian Islands. Assume that Aleuts are the descendants of Inuit who emigrated to the Islands from mainland Alaska 4,000 years ago.

Today, there are 2000 to 3000 Aleuts. Many of their traditions have changed or been lost. Although the Aleuts and the Inuit speak different languages, their cultures are very similar. For example, they are fishing using boats and harpoons.

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