Brand manager: myths and reality

Brand manager: myths and reality

Despite goods abundance, really qualitative and profitable brands it is possible to count actually on fingers. There is a reasonable question: what prevents a brand to become successful? The answer is banal: the people operating a brand, do not have enough knowledge and professionalism.

In the modern companies of a duty of the brand manager any head can carry out:marketing director, product manager, owner of business etc. On actions of this person directly depends, whether there will be a brand effective and profitable. There are some of the most widespread myths which are concerning management of a brand and negatively affecting its development.

It is not necessary to perceive the brand manager, as person with a theoretical approach to life and the creative person. The brand name, design, advertizing and other elements of image of a brand — not those tasks which the brand manager should solve. Judge: the brand manager spends the time for design, advertizing etc. instead of being engaged in coordination of development of a new product and difficult advertizing projects, and also studying of preferences of consumers. Therefore to generate ideas owe specialized agency, and the brand manager will put tasks for them.

Why some companies consider as a brand advertizing? It is a part of a brand and before spending money for effective advertizing, it is necessary to solve the following problems: definition of strategy of a brand, positioning of its values, business plan calculation etc. Such researches give the chance to calculate precisely advertizing efficiency and to avoid unnecessary expenses. After all according to only 20 % of advertizing on television, in public places, in mass media promotes sales! Other 80 % — the money which has been thrown out on a wind. Entrust advertizing creation to specialized agencies that your brand manager had possibility to solve problems of success and profitability of a brand.

If you decided to take for work of the brand manager, take an interest, whether there are at it independent projects and as far as they are successful. That fact that the applicant worked with known brands – not a reason for employment. If the candidate for a position started a brand independently, after carrying out its projects efficiency of a brand and sale increased, and he can calculate profitability of a brand, can not doubt – before you the pro.

The good brand manager should be able to organize all stages of the project – from idea to a final assessment of result of introduction of the project; to inform ideas to audience; to strike to the careful analysis information stream, to do competent conclusions and to possess creative thinking.

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Brand manager: myths and reality
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