Business clothes of the man

Business clothes of the man

Why the man in expensive suit with a stylish silk tie not always feels surely in the company of interlocutors? According to experts at a choice of a business suit it is necessary to be guided by color scale which suits you first of all. After all among men it is seldom possible to find such to whom there are all colors. Therefore before going behind a suit, define «the color».


Fortunately, there is a simple way of definition of the palette. For this purpose it is necessary to take on a piece of a yellow and silvery foil. And now become in front of well shined mirror and put to the person a silvery foil. At you circles under eyes became clearly visible, and face skin got a grayish shade? Put a gold foil which in this case should emphasize favourably to complexion. So, you will accept a suit of gray-green, green and brown flowers. At whom during applying of a golden foil complexion becomes inexpressive and pale, will accept a suit of dark blue color which will be perfectly combined with a shirt of claret, pink or white color. To a white shirt can put on a red tie, and to pink – claret (and on the contrary). Prefer suits of a classical cut from natural fabrics. The jacket with wide lapels will emphasize big shoulders and will give to your shape courage. At all do not buy a suit on the size more as in a week socks you will look slovenly. During fitting of a jacket raise the hand bent in an elbow above the head. If there is no characteristic crash, means with a size everything is all right.

The following information concerns footwear and accessories. To choose them it is necessary, proceeding from the above-stated experiment. Let’s divide men into «gold» and «silver» types conditionally. And so the first should prefer brown footwear and accessories, and the second – gray and black color. And now carry out audit of the clothes and without regrets set aside aside that does not suit you on color.

To select clothes it is necessary taking into account traditions of the company in which you work. In clothes of the man which is daily obliged to be in a suit and a tie, there should be following things: three suits and as much steam of the shoes, three belts, five ties and at least ten shirts.

If was considered earlier that the tie should be more dark than a shirt, today such rule is cancelled. That is you can look stylishly in a shirt and a tie approximately identical color. Insignificant distinction is allowed between drawing calibre on a shirt a tie.

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Business clothes of the man
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