Business clothes of the woman

Business clothes of the woman

Formation of business clothes directly depends on traditions of branch in which you work and, certainly, own taste. However there are main requirements which each business woman should consider, choosing clothes and accessories for work.

So, in your clothes surely there should be a classical business suit of an excellent cut. It is possible to call a stylish and qualitative business suit universal clothes as its parts can be combined with skirts, jackets, trousers and the blouses, each time receiving the new dress. It is better to put on a business suit official actions with a small coat hanger, and in office – slightly free model. Not elaborate accessories will be good addition to a business suit various.

The business clothes of the woman are inconceivable without skirts. Buying the next skirt, estimate, whether it will be combined with jackets from your suits. The business clothes assume existence not only straight lines and strict skirts. It can be skirts flared, pleated and even being clasped in front on buttons.

Instead of a suit it is possible to put on a classical dress official actions complete with a jacket. The main thing that the dress was combined with a jacket on style, a fabric and color. By the way, the dress can be brighter color, than a jacket.

The clothes of the business woman are inconceivable without several blouses. To a business suit will approach as monophonic, so color blouse. If you put on a monophonic blouse, the modest necklace or шарфик becomes an ornament for too strict dress. The blouse with assemblies on a coat hanger will well look with a skirt, and under a jacket it is better to put on a blouse without folds. In a warm season to skirts put on blouses with a short sleeve or with length of a sleeve «three quarters». And here blouses without sleeves in an official style are unacceptable.

As to footwear, it should steal up in tone to clothes or to be a little more dark. Try to buy footwear from a genuine leather, especially if you have to walk a lot of working hours. The footwear of fashionable flowers, and also pastel and white in business clothes is not welcomed, as well as sandals. It is best of all to select footwear of neutral flowers with a small heel (for example, shoes court shoes of dark brown, dark blue or black flowers).

To add finishing note in business clothes it is possible by means of jewelry. However gold or silver accessories should be extremely modest, it is desirable in classical style. If you prefer costume jewellery, it should be qualitative and not large.

And still: to carry volume documents it is better in a portfolio which should be dark color (black, brown, claret). In other cases there is enough handbag where it is possible to carry a cosmetics bag and a leather notebook.

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Business clothes of the woman
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