Business image: success smell

Business image: success smell

How you think, why skilled businessmen very carefully treat a perfume choice? To it there is quite reasonable explanation: perfume can tell a lot of things about the person, for example, about his character, attitude and even mood. The ubiquitous and advanced Japanese use at central air offices through which during certain time of day toning aromas move. For example, in the morning they use aromas of a citrus (raise a tone), is closer to a dinner – flower (weaken), after a dinner – mint (concentration of attention promote), and at the end of the working day – aromas of gardens and herbs (goodwill).

It is considered to be that dark-haired and swarty men accept warm aromas with spicy shades, to blondes – cold, and to brown-haired persons – wood and tobacco more. However the choice of aroma is in no small measure curled from character of the person. For example, long ago it is known that shiprovy aromas with bitterish shades people prefer highly professional and pragmatic, warm aromas – dreamers and romantics, and fresh and flower – vigorous and people with optimistic views on life.

You would not choose what aroma, remember that it can irritate other people. Therefore the businessman should be able to use perfume. And men and women can use that aroma which is pleasant of. However that the smell did not prevent to carry on negotiations or was not importunate during a lunch, to put perfume it is necessary correctly. Quite suffices on one «zilch» on a jugular cavity or a carotid and wrists. Remember that during movements aroma revives, though you do not feel it.

Do not put perfume on clothes. The best place of «dwelling» of aroma is skin of the person. There is the unique exception: to put perfume it is possible on hair which surely should be dry and pure. Skilled perfumers recommend to put aroma after washing of hair and a podsushivaniye when there are open their cheshuyka.

Any aroma possesses stimulating influence, however in big concentration causes fatigue. For certain to you though time in life was necessary to spill favourite perfume then it simply caused in you intolerance. And so immoderation in drawing of perfume causes fatigue in people around and respectively hostility to the owner of aroma. And still: aroma has property to amplify when the person worries as the skin temperature increases. Therefore skilled businessmen always know about internal excitement of the opponent even if on a face of the last – coolness and tranquillity.

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Business image: success smell
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