Career crisis: the exit is!

Career crisis: the exit is!

According to statements of psychologists career crisis comes unexpectedly or gradually. At the person the desire to go on work vanishes, it becomes diffused and irritable, feels unfortunate and to nobody necessary etc. To solve a problem it is possible and it is necessary, and, the quicker, the better.

Try to find the reason which caused career crisis. Probably, you do not accept the relations in collective, lack of prospects, a scanty salary etc. Take the handle and a sheet of paper and carry out the serious analysis of the feelings, values and desires. Do not try to understand itself in one day. You need a lot of time to understand the reason of professional burning out and to undertake resolute actions.

Why it is so difficult to people to leave unloved work? The most widespread reason is the sense of responsibility for the relatives – the husband (wife), children, aged parents etc. besides the person is tormented by doubts about own realization in other company or even a profession. It happens that the person shifts fault on others, starts itself to be sorry and feels the most unfortunate person in the world. You should understand that the adult person himself bears responsibility for own acts and makes decisions too itself. Therefore pity here is inappropriate, it is better to find forces to recognize own mistakes and to try to correct them. Think of your relatives who hardly test positive emotions from your sour physiognomy and chronically bad mood. Really the care of a family, parents and children so looks?

Try to ask the person experiencing career crisis why he does not look for a way out?Such person already managed to build the whole scientific theory concerning the failures and will give to you mass of arguments in favor of own nerealizovannost. Usually under convincing at first sight explanations banal laziness and bias disappears. Therefore try to be honest, at least, with itself.

Understanding of the mistakes and shortcomings – the first step to overcoming of career crisis. The following step is definition of the purpose and ways of its achievement. Do not neglect councils of relatives and colleagues, probably they will help you to find the correct decision and to see themselves from outside. Remember that your future depends only on you, therefore use all acquired knowledge and skills to find itself and to reach a goal.

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Career crisis: the exit is!
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