How to declare to the employee his cost

How to declare to the employee his cost

From time to time any manager should carry out the conversation concerning the size of their salary with employees. How it is correct to explain to the employee, how many it «costs»?

As a rule, conversation on the size of an award begins with announcement of the sum which the manager defines, summing up activity of the employee within a year. After sum announcement the manager should give reason accurately for the decision, and accents should be put not on personal qualities of the employee, and on his achievements. In the course of the argument surely point to available defects that the employee did not get a false idea itself an ideal, so, deserving bigger financial compensation. Suggest it to work over these or those shortcomings.

If you speak about defects, be not overzealous. Otherwise the person feels unnecessary and will start to be protected. Therefore illumination of prospects of the company and projects in which the employee can participate should become the following item of your conversation. Thus, you let to the person know that the company needs it as in the expert and it has prospects of further growth. Do not forget to tell that it is pleasant to you to work with this employee that it still had positive spirit.

So, this scenario of conversation for 50 % consists of discussion of a financial question, and another 50 % are taken away on creation at the employee of a positive emotional background. If to speak as a whole, such conversation falls under definition «a monologue of the manager». After all in the course of conversation the employee practically has no chances of any objections. However such conversation is not deprived of shortcomings. First, any person estimates the work on own criteria. In this case criteria of the employee are not considered, as the manager actually estimates work of the subordinate in own way. Secondly, similar conversation can become the loss reason at the employee of loyalty and labor productivity therefore «monologue» needs small correction.

During discussion of a salary ask the employee, it estimates the work at what sum. As a rule, the majority of people is estimated by the professional qualities adequately therefore the sum can be approximately such which you were going to offer. It is not necessary to tighten with the sum announcement of you if the employee called the. If between your sums there is an essential difference, suggest the employee to discuss criteria from both parties. Do not afford superfluous emotions which can nullify all your efforts. Quiet negotiations and telling arguments will help you to convince the employee of correctness of your decision and will allow it to keep a positive emotional charge.

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How to declare to the employee his cost
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