HR-manager (HR manager)

HR-manager (HR manager)

At the time of existence of the Soviet Union by HR-manager was called as the personnel officer into which duties entered sending of people to holiday, filling of service records, issue of admissions, drawing up of duty regulations and maintaining personal records. After reorganization small firms began to appear, and personnel officers owners replaced, the accountant or secretaries. However, in the small companies still there is such situation.

Usually the HR manager is required to the companies when they involved more than one hundred permanent members of staff. Some heads prefer to charge these official obligations to the accountant or the secretary, however professional HR-manager is capable to solve objectives more effectively. The large companies have the whole departments of the personnel, and each expert solves any specific objectives.

Work of the HR manager, first of all, is aimed at result. Differently its duties include search of possibilities for the most effective work of the personnel. To reach good results it is possible by motivation of staff of the company. The HR manager should know well a situation in the company to solve, who from employees is worthy ranks «The best worker of month» and respectively – awards. In branches or shops it is possible to arrange competition between divisions about quantity of realized production. As a prize the winner can count, for example, on the permit, an award, bonuses etc.

The HR manager should care of professional growth of regular staff of the company. Therefore he can offer certifications and participation in various trainings, to choose suitable training programs etc. Almost in each large company there is an assistant who carries out trainings or sends employees in the specialized companies. The solid companies are interested, that the concept of career growth that allows to pick up the most effective training program in an individual order was developed for each employee.

The HR manager watches, that the staff of the company observed dress-code rules. Besides the HR manager is responsible for corporate culture of the company, the purpose and which mission it formulates together with the management.

Duties of the HR manager include selection of candidates for vacant places which appear in company growth. The HR manager should coordinate with the management the main requirements to candidates and be present on interview.

As the increasing number of the domestic companies are interested in good shots, the profession of the HR manager uses an increasing demand, that is is one of the most perspective today.

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HR-manager (HR manager)
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