If the valuable employee leaves at own will

If the valuable employee leaves at own will

It happens that dismissal at own will the careless employee releases the head from additional efforts. How the head when the resignation is written by the valuable employee of the company should behave?

For any head important, what opinion subordinates about work in its company adhere. If any employee cannot give truthful information on the objective reasons (pressure of collective, observance of subordination, etc.), to learn interesting details it is possible from the leaving person. Therefore it is desirable, that the head carried out target interview. If you want to receive as much as possible information, carry out personal interview in the form of «heart to heart talk».

As a rule, the most important question of such interview is clarification of the reason of departure of the valuable employee. Besides try to find out that became a reason for such decision and whether you can change something that the employee remained in the company. Probably, as a reason for its leaving more perspective position served in other company, the best conditions or a big salary? Received information will help you to make to the employee the counter proposal which he hardly will refuse. Thus, you keep the valuable expert, and will know at the same time about problems in the company. If the employee insists on dismissal, despite your offers, do not allow it to leave with bad mood. At the same time take an interest, what mood reigns in division in which your subordinate worked. You should guard, if the person leaves collective, without having left anybody the coordinates. After all the negative opinion of the former employee can be reflected in reputation of your company not in the best way.

Whether it is possible to prevent dismissal at own will valuable employees? There is a number of signs by which it is possible to determine becoming ripe dismissal.Usually the employee, decided to leave your company, starts to behave more freely, especially if he received the favorable offer from other employer. The decision to change a place of work is difficult for carrying to the category of spontaneous actions. Negative attitude to work – process gradual and demanding time during which the employee proves to itself that his decision is correct. About desire can change a job to testify such signs, as increase in number of private conversations, reserve in communication, constant requests for absence in working hours etc. If this employee is of value for the company, the head should carry out target interview before on its table the resignation will lay down. In that case you will have a possibility to affect the decision of the employee and to keep the valuable expert.

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If the valuable employee leaves at own will
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