If you want to sell business expensively

If you want to sell business expensively

If you decided to sell the business, it is necessary to define the price taking into account the current market conditions. Not лишне will familiarize with recommendations of experts which will allow you to rise for rather short terms the price of business and to sell it for good money.

What it is necessary to undertake to the seller to involve buyers in the business?

It is not necessary to hope that among potential buyers will be such which do not understand pricing. And it means that on your offer «I will sell business for one million» at the best will react ten of hundred investors. Even at observance of all rules of negotiating of the seller with the buyer the last before the transaction usually has a feeling that to it offer business at strongly inflated price. Therefore experts recommend to increase the price of the business is given reason, so, you will need to make efforts and to waste time.

The easiest way to increase the price for the business is cooperation with the professional business broker. This expert can competently prepare business for sale, and is given reason to increase its price as it has a wide experience of communication with potential buyers. Naturally, you should pay for services of the business broker of 3-5 % from an amount of transaction, however consider that in the course of independent negotiations you receive the sum for 10-20 % less from earlier planned price. Even benefit from cooperation with the business broker is in this situation obvious to the uninitiated person.

Any investor wants to return the invested money as soon as possible therefore your enterprise should make profit. To increase profit of the enterprise it is possible by reduction of expenses which not too influence it competitiveness and activity (strategic investments, advertizing, expense accounts, reduction of the staff of office workers etc.).

One more task – increase in turns of the company – can be solved by a busy schedule of work long before sale. Try to conclude more favorable conditions with suppliers and customers, at least for the next period.

As a rule, the majority of the companies meaningly underestimates the declared income. If not your income in the declaration does not represent the facts, that is, is underestimated, hardly you will manage to convince of it the buyer. Therefore beforehand take care of that on your settlement account the due number of the income arrived. And still: the relations with clients and suppliers are better for fixing official agreements, and preliminary consultation of the lawyer will help to eliminate possible legislative obstacles during purchase and sale of your enterprise.

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If you want to sell business expensively
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