Inability to languages: myth or reality?

Inability to languages: myth or reality?

There will be many people who even after visits of English language courses do not possess the necessary knowledge. Even the cleverest and skilled teachers recognize that not always can teach this or that pupil to English. Really inability to languages after all exists, or this next error occurring in common people?

At any domestic school learning of foreign language includes grammar, lexicon, etc. aspects of philology. Actually pupils at first cram grammar, and then start to master a spoken language in specialized clubs or communicating with native speakers. Probably, therefore at the majority wishing to master a foreign language any desire to its studying after a while vanishes and there is a firm confidence of the inability to similar ability.

That who is confident in inability to foreign languages, not лишне will familiarize with interesting scientific and reasonable data. According to researches of only 6 % of the population of our planet can learn a foreign language and talk on it, as on native (the correct pronunciation and accents mean)! And here to learn foreign at level of the user, and English including, any person who has desire or need to receive such knowledge can. Therefore so-called inability to languages takes place to be to be engaged first of all in the presence of internal unwillingness of the person in study. Besides there is one more reason of «inability» to languages – incorrectly picked up program. Now any wishing learn the foreign can to pass the psychological test which will help to define intensity of lessons for the specific person and only then to start a choice of a suitable language course. Psychologists are sure that intensity of lessons directly depends on temperament of the person. For example, choleric persons accept intensive lessons foreign in a game form, and for melancholiacs immersion on language Wednesday will be the real stress.

One of the main conditions of successful learning of foreign language is own motivation. Why people decide to be engaged in learning of foreign language? For school students and students it is prospect in the future to get good work, for the staff of the company – advance on a career ladder and increase in a salary etc. These two categories have more chances to learn a foreign language as they have a serious motivation. And, for example, the housewife, decided to learn a foreign language simply so, that is without concrete motivation, risks most to join ranks of people with mythical inability to foreign languages.

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Inability to languages: myth or reality?
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