Knowledge of a foreign language: why it is necessary?

Knowledge of a foreign language: why it is necessary?

Modern employers prefer the competitors knowing a foreign language. Reaches before that in some announcements of knowledge of English demand even from technicians. The impression is made that the person who is not knowing a foreign language, at all has no chances to get job in the specialty, as however, the yesterday’s graduate of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION who has no experience. Whether really without knowledge of a foreign language of people it is doomed to pity existence and a scanty salary?

Certainly, the knowledge of the foreign influences the size of a salary. It is enough to come on sites with announcements of vacancies to understand the following: to the expert with knowledge of English offer a salary almost twice more than with the same education but without foreign language skills. According to experts, such approach is not always justifiable, especially in relation to specialists of the narrow market. As a rule, this professional category takes a constant place of work and high salaries without knowledge of English therefore the interested company can spend not one year for searches of the suitable candidate. Quite another matter is with the staff of the international companies where the knowledge of English is required even from the administrative assistant.

Ignorance of a foreign language at all does not mean that the good expert cannot find highly paid work. Another thing is that such person will have no prospects of further career growth. Therefore to the ambitious people, wishing to achieve successes in career, it is necessary to study a foreign language.

Today in our country there is a set of language schools and courses where for your money promise to give necessary knowledge. However not each pupil manages to seize English because of the wrong choice of courses. Only the third part of potential pupils is interested in reputation of school and the training program. First of all students cost of courses and their site interests. One more mistake – default of homeworks and admissions – at all does not promote receiving desirable result.

It is known that on a language course offer individual and group occupations. Experts cannot come to a consensus in any way, what form of education is more effective. According to statements one individual occupations as much as possible stimulate attention, and supporters of group occupations consider that such form of education helps to simulate the real atmosphere of life and gives the chance to compare the achievements to achievements of others. Therefore the person should choose itself form of education and carefully treat a choice of courses and the training program. And still: experts do not recommend to be engaged in studying foreign to those people who have problems with the native language.

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Knowledge of a foreign language: why it is necessary?
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