Network marketing

Network marketing

Network marketing (MLM) has not something in common with pyramids, distributors of «happy letters» and other cunning dodges wishing to earn on trust of people. In fact, network marketing is a creation of the multilevel organization advance of the goods and services in which is carried out by direct contact of the person to the person (the producer – the consumer).

It should be notedIt should be noted that today network marketing enjoys deserved popularity even in our country. If earlier the popular MLM lines offered only cosmetics, vitamins, detergents and dietary products, today consumers can buy practically any goods (clothes, ware, works of art etc.).

Our many fellow citizens are excited by a question, how many it is possible to earn in such business. According to statistical data the greatest number of millionaires was earned by the conditions in network business. However there is also other statistics: the companies of network marketing risk to go bankrupt not less, than the others. Therefore among people there are those who is grateful to MLM for the come true dreams and those who does not consider such kind of activity as a worthy type of earnings.

What advantages network marketing possesses?

This kind of activity is attractive to students, housewives and other people who need flexible hours. Thus it is necessary to consider that this work brings in the same incomes, as well as working «on the uncle». If any business assumes individual activity, your income grows in network marketing at the expense of your readiness to help to earn another. Differently about your income depends on the efforts enclosed in the distributor.

One more important advantage of network marketing is the minimum of investments. Any person knows that on opening of own business the starting capital at least in some thousand dollars is required. In network marketing everything is simpler: to begin work it is possible having two-three hundred dollars.

MLM perfectly is suitable for the free people preferring an independent choice of partners, moving, independence of the administration etc. You will plan the operating schedule, rest and even the income, and in case of failure – to bear responsibility before by itself.

Despite all advantages, network marketing it is impossible to call a simple type of business. You should read clever books and the periodical press, to possess useful knowledge and to share them with others, to be able to strike up new acquaintances etc. In case of successful activity you are waited by royalties which you will monthly receive. Also it is the truth, after all other people with whom you shared knowledge will work for your fee and learned to cooperate.

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Network marketing
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