Position – the supervisor

Position – the supervisor

In a translation from English the word «supervisor» is meant by «supervisor».Such position appeared for the first time in the USA in the early seventies the last century and assumes conducting control over the personnel. In our country a position the supervisor appeared with introduction of the western technologies. In the majority of the domestic companies of a duty of the supervisor heads, experts and even simple workers carried out.

So represents a position of the supervisor and what duties it carries out?

It is known that introduction of new technologies always is connected with considerable capital investments. And any owner of the company means the minimum dependence on «a human factor» and receiving the maximum profit by introduction of new technologies. In practice it appears that introduction of new technologies demands retraining of the personnel or involvement of new workers, after all any failures in work in introduction of new technologies lead to additional expenditure, and even to bankruptcy. Therefore to the enterprise skilled supervisors who will carry out supervision over the personnel are required, to supervise timely performance of tasks and to be engaged in coordination of works. Supervisors can work in any branch to direct both the lowest, and the top management and also to be the instructor, the auditor, the office manager etc. depending on powers.

Especially need supervisors of the organization beginning the development and what introduce new technologies. After all errors of the personnel can lead to financial losses in times more than compensation of supervisors. Some organizations use non-staff supervisors, for example, for carrying out promotion actions or single actions.

It should be notedIt should be noted that the position of the supervisor is not working specialty. Under control of this expert there can be no more than 20 people that between the supervisor and subordinates there was a personal contact and the confidential relations. The supervisor should estimate objectively abilities of each subordinate, give a practical advice, learn and find in time mistakes. To teach other person, it is necessary to be able to carry out another’s duties and in unforeseen situations to replace the careless worker.

If to consider the supervisor from the point of view of our employers, they call such position «foreman». That is it is possible to tell that such position existed at our enterprises always. And it is valid, duties of the foreman differ nothing from duties of the supervisor, here only the first has working specialty, and the second is official!

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Position – the supervisor
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