Profession – the expert in marketing

Profession – the expert in marketing

Whether it is known to you, what there are some hundred treatment of the term «marketing»? Philippe Kotler calls marketing by art and a science, allowing to involve, keep and increase number of consumers, and each client should be sure that for this company it represents exclusive value.

Unfortunately, in our market there will be a few experts in marketing whom it is possible to call true professionals. The main reason for such deficiency of the pro low level of preparation and banal shortage of knowledge is considered. After all for advance of the goods not enough short-term profile courses, a shtudirovaniye of the textbook of Philippe Kotler and even the termination of the higher school. The good expert in marketing can be compared to the known pianist. The last after the termination of music school continues training already in conservatory, goes on various concerts, understands the musical directions and continues to be engaged persistently to improve equipment of game.

Some experts in marketing are sure that the theory which they studied in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, is far from reality. Skilled experts in marketing consider theoretical knowledge necessary, and recommend to arrive in economic universities. In our companies in departments of marketing advertisers, linguists, engineers etc. work, and here with profile higher education it is not enough experts. Unfortunately, even graduates of profile faculties not always have demanded knowledge and concepts of the activity. Therefore the solid companies prefer to take for work of experts with profile higher education and length of service, for example, in departments after sales, advertizing, to sale and even agents or promoters.

Today in many educational institutions there is a considerable demand for such direction, as «economy and business activity». However experts recommend to get education of the expert in marketing in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of economic specialization. The training program should include the analysis and forecasting of market situations, development of recommendations about release of the goods, formation of the range and price policy of the enterprise, and also implementation of marketing programs. Wishing to get prestigious work it is necessary to study such disciplines as the right, social policy, management of a manpower, management of efficiency, etc. Krom of these disciplines exist profile, for example, commodity, innovative, marketing and price policy, industrial marketing, etc.

As a rule, it is not enough one high school knowledge for receiving a good position. At first the young specialist adapts in the company, visits master classes and trainings, increases qualification on courses. There are the domestic and international training programs, allowing to improve skills and to learn the new. Proceeding from the aforesaid, work of the manager demands not only the higher education and desire to work, but also continuous professional development.

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Profession – the expert in marketing
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