The interesting countries for investment

The interesting countries for investment

Among domestic businessmen is a lot of such which want to get operating business abroad. The main reasons of such decision are: aspiration to invest money in stabler business, rather than on the homeland and desire to obtain foreign nationality. However increasing interest to foreign investments often is not connected with desire to live abroad constantly, and directed on prospect. Differently successful businessmen want to have the right of a choice as in our country it is impossible to call political and economic life stable.

It should be notedIt should be noted, what not the last role in acquisition of business is played by policy of the country in relation to investors from abroad. In recent years in respect of purchase and business such countries, as the Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria and Germany became especially attractive.

In the Czech Republic the most attractive objects for businessmen are small hotels of Karlovy Vary, differing profitability. If you create or buy business in this country, receive the temporary authorization of residence, and in 5 years — on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. The recipient of the temporary authorization of residence should stay in the country at least six months.

Among our investors the Italian entertaining centers, restaurants and hotels as in crisis essential falling of the prices here is observed use popularity. Receive constant residence permit any foreign citizen who bought or has based the company with the minimum capital of three thousand euros can. And the quantity of the created workplaces does not influence in any way obtaining the Italian nationality. However for three years you should spend annually in the country not less than half a year.

As well as in two previous countries, our investors prefer to get hotels in Bulgaria. Business in this country involves with the simplified process of receiving constant residence permit. Judge: for obtaining nationality it is enough to enclose in business of 500 thousand dollars. At first money needs to be placed into the special investment account in one of large Bulgarian banks that they were registered by the Ministry of Finance of Bulgaria, and then from this account to make payment of purchase of local business.

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The interesting countries for investment
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