Waste recycling

Waste recycling

In any state the government faces such problem, as recycling of activity of the person. But if in the European countries this problem solve at the state level, at us, seemingly, it not especially excites representatives of the power. Especially considerably, to put it mildly, incorrect behavior of some citizens after winter when snow and on roadsides descends and not only, the unattractive remains of our existence are bared. And guilty first of all there are yard keepers and utility services, and in any way not «brought up» and «clean» ordinary citizens.

It is necessary to recognize that as waste recycling in our country for some reason is considered such business not prestigious. And meanwhile for utilization we have enough raw materials and the competition as that is not observed. Therefore to the people, wishing to base profitable business, is over what to reflect.

It is known that the main raw materials for processing are jams, packages, plastic bottles and an other waste. For example, in the course of processing of a plastic waste receive polypropylene, polyethylene, secondary polyamide and polyvinyl from which at the relevant enterprises make production from plastic. The exception is made by products of food and pharmaceutical mission for which manufacturing the non-polluting and safe raw materials, that is primary are used. If to consider that the difference in cost between primary and secondary raw materials makes about 50 %, the profit on waste recycling appears notable. And after all such waste, as a tree, metal, textiles, paper and rubber is subject to processing still.

It is necessary to know that profitability of production on processing of salvage depends on technological equipment and number of blocks. For example, you can acquire the equipment of foreign production that will cost dearer either domestic or former in operation. Approximate cost of a complex which consists of several blocks – 2 million rubles, besides to you is required to pick up the qualified experts and simple workers. Usually at such enterprise about four tens people are involved.

The most labor-consuming is initial process – sorting of a waste after which their processing begins.

For the organization of this business you will need the enterprise in the area not less than 300 sq.m which at least one and a half km from residential buildings are at distance. The warehouse and the corresponding permissions from firefighters and SES is besides necessary. The enterprises which are engaged in processing of all types of garbage are most profitable. If you correctly organized this business, in 3-5 months your expenses will pay off and the enterprise will start to make quite good profit.

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Waste recycling
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