We open grocery shop

We open grocery shop

As a rule, many beginning businessmen are sure that opening of grocery shop – business rather simple and, undoubtedly, profitable. After all demand for products existed, and will always exist. However according to statements of experts there are reefs and difficulties. Such business demands a certain experience, at least, in the trade sphere. If that is not present, it is necessary to work hard and much to learn that the grocery shop made profit.

A half of success belongs to an outlet site. First be defined, whether there will be it a grocery stall, small or average shop and what will be the schedule of its work. Besides in grocery shop the system of self-service or sale of the goods can operate will be conducted through a counter. As to a place, today to find suitable not easy. If you are the small businessman, for shop it is necessary to look for a place in the residential area, and the outlet should be located near houses.

It is known that in self-service shops trade always more brisk, rather than through a counter. But such shop demands the big area, thus it is necessary to consider that some percent of the goods will steal simply. If the size of a room allows, it is better that the part of the goods was on sale through a counter, and the part was in open access. As to an average trading margin, in grocery shops it does not exceed 20 %.

So, you found a room for grocery shop. Take an interest, what shops are located close and their range. When developing the assortment card of the shop consider the objects located near it, for example, school, houses etc. Do not neglect services of the merchandiser into which duties the correct arrangement of the goods on regiments and a show-window of your shop enters. Pay attention to price lists on the goods: figures should be bright, and the goods name – is written by a big font.

One of important components of the business plan is the financial part. You should calculate, how many buyers will be visited on the average by shop to know about the approximate sum of day revenue. It will give the chance to you to define payback of an outlet and to decide on margins. Surely include in a financial part contingencies at a rate of 10 % from the initial sum put in the business plan. Only after business plan drawing up you can be registered as the individual businessman or the legal entity.

For successful trade you should improve the relations with suppliers and pick up qualified personnel. And still: the accounting of the goods is best of all than a message in electronic form, however such system is enough darling therefore you should carry out often audits independently.

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We open grocery shop
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