Why market researches are necessary?

Why market researches are necessary?

The concept «marketing» of translation from English is meant by «trade». The profession the expert in marketing appeared in our country about two decades ago.

It should be notedIt should be noted that some businessmen, especially senior generation, do not consider it necessary to carry out market researches and rely on the extensive experience. However studying and the analysis of the market promotes not only to advance of the new goods, but allows to distribute competently capacity of the company and to reduce risk during adoption of important decisions. Those who only is going to begin own business especially need market researches. The competent expert in marketing can define, what chances of «survival» in the market are available for certain goods, whether it will be in demand at the consumer, competitiveness of the enterprise, etc.

There is a large quantity of methods and the directions of market researches. Therefore our purpose – to tell you for what such researches are actually necessary and what they solve problems.

Any marketing strategy, first of all, is directed on increase in a share of the market that in turn promotes decrease in product cost and smaller capital investments. The company from market shares more than 25 % is monopoly, so, dictates the prices to the distributors, can establish higher prices for the high-quality goods etc. Market researches allow to define a share of the market of the concrete company and are carried out for some periods. Besides experts in marketing compare a share of the market of your company and competitors. Such analysis gives the chance to obtain authentic data on situation and competitiveness of your company and helps to choose the correct strategy for increase in a share of the market.

About that «advertizing – the trade engine» is known by any businessman. That advertizing strategy was the most effective, the market researches concerning the analysis of demand are necessary. That is experts in marketing find out degree of loyalty of the consumer to a certain type of the goods, whether the market needs it and its further advance is how favorable.

On domestic as, however, and in any market, many companies with identical services or the goods function. Therefore the owner of the company is simply obliged to know about marketing policy and the goods of the competitors.

Market researches include the analysis of possible sales channels that in turn allows to choose the most effective. After all any company is interested in the fastest sale of the goods and receiving profit.

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Why market researches are necessary?
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