Work abroad: good advice

Work abroad: good advice

At our compatriots work abroad first of all associates with high earnings. Some are involved by prospect not only to earn, but also to remain in a certain country forever.

In employment the great number of intermediaries which except a high salary promise assistance in housing search, learning of foreign language etc. abroad is engaged. Unfortunately, similar promises turn around for the person troubles. A great number of competitors, especially young, appear in another’s state without money and even passports and visas, that is actually become illegal migrants and fall on severe article for violation of a visa regime. If you employment in the countries of Europe interests, the USA or in the sphere of resort and hotel business (Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey), attentively familiarize with our recommendations.

The firm which is engaged in foreign employment, should have licenses for this kind of activity, possess the official legal status and have statute documents. Documents of the client are made out according to the international requirements to visa and labor documentation and should have the wet seals. Besides documents should be certified at the notary, as well as their copy. Before the conclusion of the labor agreement familiarize with taxation rules in the country in which collect to work. In the majority of the countries taxes are raised according to requirements of the international legislation, but there are states where rules of the national legislation operate.

Civil and foreign passports should be only at you and to give them you should not under no circumstances. Do not believe promises of the intermediary that documents will return to you at once on arrival to the country. Remember that such work which demands to give to the employer the passport, simply does not exist. Victims of such roguish schemes girls and builders will often melt. The first get to souteneurs with will melt «women of easy virtue», and the second work at illegal buildings in slavish conditions.

Speculators who are not interested absolutely not in employment, often offer clients registration of the international passport and only then it appears that you paid money for a fake. Therefore the international passport is recommended to be made out independently. Besides from you money for visa opening can demand, and the sum will exceed its real cost. If to you offer «partial» fee, visa registration «backdating» and other illegal actions, you will be responsible for it, instead of the intermediary. Therefore disagree on any illegal actions to protect itself from troubles.

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Work abroad: good advice
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