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Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria wallpaper

Rock band Asking Alexandria – quite young but already quite successful and popular hardcore band playing music in the styles of post-hardcore, electronic, if you believe Wikipedia, metalcore and heavy metal. The children themselves call their style «Sindor», apparently referring to the mixture of hardcore and electronics.

This group can be divided into before and after, as the current team has a background. In 2006, guitarist Ben Bruce has created the first asking Alexandria in Dubai, but the band stayed on the stage, namely the year, fell after the release of the only album. After a bad experience, Bruce returned to England in 2008, but dreams of his own band didn’t leave him, so he gathered a new team, leaving the old name. While Ben argued that between the old and new Alexandria have nothing in common, except, perhaps, himself.

The musicians hit it off pretty quickly and soon I was quite ready for the big stage. Without stopping to think, asking Alexandria decides to stick with the old scheme «album-tour» in 2009 to tour the US.
Debut album «new» Asking Alexandria, «stand up and scream» was released in September 2009. In the same year, the band signed a contract with the record company «Sumerian records».

Asking Alexandria wallpaper all sitting on the ground! In support of the Studio album again went on tour, now in Europe and the United States, where he took part in the collective performances along with groups buried, attack! and fear and Faith

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Asking Alexandria
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