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Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon wallpaper

Bring me the horizon wallpaper show us the band that in recent years have become real stars.
The group almost broke into the mainstream with the album «That’s The Spirit», published in Russia with the support of Radio ULTRA.

The nominees and winners of many awards, Bring Me The Horizon, led by vocalist Oliver Sykes now received the whole book.
It became known that the team comes out the biography called «Bring Me The Horizon: Heavy Sounds From The Steel City».

Biography is published under the heading «informal history».

Author Ben Welch.
It is reported that this is the first book examining the rise of Bring Me The Horizon from DataRow and metalcore roots to many thousands of arenas and stadiums.
In the press write about what the ensemble was literally fire, water and copper pipes — addiction Oliver Sykes, attacks on stage and the hostility of critics.

However, according to various publications, Bring Me The Horizon are now considered to be the flagships of the British heavy music.

The singer already famous Bring Me The Horizon Oliver Sykes caused a stir on the NME Awards.
The musician jumped on the table to my fellow colleagues for Coldplay, and literally began to pound on a table, breaking it.

This incident has caused quite a stir among fans began to appear a variety of versions of what happened.
For example, according to one version, the frontman of Bring Me The Horizon made the prank in protest because, according to many, Coldplay allegedly stole the idea for their album from Bring Me The Horizon.
The design of a new Coldplay album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams» really looks like on the cover of «Sempiternal», Bring Me The Horizon.

However, Oliver Sykes denies that his act was a protest or contempt for Coldplay.
«No, no, it was not the crackdown on Coldplay, not on your Nelly!» says Sykes.
«Just my ears was not the sound I was looking for the sound, and thought that, perhaps, will hear it on the table…» says the musician.

Interestingly, by Coldplay suddenly liked the trick of Sykes:
«Oh, it was so rock-n-roll!» — said Coldplay.

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Bring Me The Horizon
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