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Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin

Deathcore (eng. Deathcore) — subgenre metalcore, which was formed in the merger of two musical styles: metalcore and death metal. Homeland dedora considered to be the US. Its structure and the aesthetics of the songs closer to metalcore; death metal is still discussing the genre picked up speed, severity and method of riffing.

As a vocal deathcore commonly used lower (growling) and higher (screaming), just as often a special kind of vocals borrowed from grindcore (there were) — guttural vocals/pig squeels (guttural, paging).

A Deathcore group combine in his works the fusion of the two styles of death metal and metalcore. Home to directions deathcore is United States. The structure of the songs of this style is closer to metalcore and death metal were adopted method riffing, speed, and heaviness.

Vocal elements of style, deathcore, or a very low growling (growl, which means «roar»), or on the contrary quite high screaming(screams, translated from eng. «the scream»). There is another view we meet the vocals, which was borrowed from grindcore (there were) is a style of guttural vocals (guttural)and pig squeels (paging).

Today, the Deathcore group of both Russian and foreign are incredibly popular all over the world. Consider the representatives of this trend.

Chelsea Grin wallpapers page is all about one of such bands. This band is an American deathcore group from Salt Lake City, formed in 2007 by two people, Alex and Chris. Originally, they were the members of the local group Ahaziah, but in March 2008 changed its name to Chelsea Grin. At that time the group was joined by two great people, Marticorena and Stafford. Also later to them Andrew Carlston came a the final countdown began.

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Chelsea Grin
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