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Many of you have heard about the concept of «American dream». No, in this article we will not consider this term, because for him we have our own page. I just wanted to say that the American dream everyone understands in their own way.

And, no matter how tempting and easy to achieve as it may seem, I want to warn you: it’s not.

In proof of this there are at least two axioms:

1) everything is achieved by the work;

2) have to pay for everything. And even those people who were born and have lived their lives in America, often remain outside the ship of life, not to mention the immigrants. We cannot say definitely have your dreams Tupac Amaru Shakur. No man can be said clearly. The dream is not static, the process of life, in the process of development, it evolves along with the world.

Why tupac wallpaper is here, on our web-site? ‘and lit on the website ThisIsUSA.ru?

Tupac is the most famous rapper not only in the U.S. but throughout the world. This is the first and currently the only rapper who has a monument, so the only person that issued the album in prison, which also became a hit. This is the great American. No matter what anyone said.

We are all not perfect, and this guy is no exception. The guy who will forever remain young in memory of their loved ones and in memory of their fans… the guy, saying goodbye to our world in 25 years.

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