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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics wallpaper

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Anda the Boston Celtics was founded in 1946. The club had to wait for ten years before winning the first trophy of the NBA. In total, the Celtics 17 times became the champion of the National Basketball Association. Between 1959 and 1966 the team won eight consecutive League titles is an unbeatable record among all professional teams in North American leagues.

The name of the Celtics (the Celts) came up with hockey and basketball official, the founder and then owner of the club is Walter brown. In addition to the Celtics, which subsequently was selected, he was also considered the options: «Unicorns», «Olympians and Whirlwinds».

The name «Boston Celtics» connected with the events that took place in the mid 19th century in Ireland and the United States, namely the mass migration of the Celtic people in the States.

In the years 1845-1859 in Ireland because of the potato poor harvest, a period known in history as the Great hunger (Potato famine in Ireland). The Celts, in search of a better life, migrated to the United States, the majority of migrants settled in Boston. At a time when brown came up with the name for the team, lived in Boston one of the largest Irish Diaspora in the US, and they liked that the team will be called «Celts».

The mascot of the Boston Celtics — Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky the Leprechaun), placed on most of boston celtics wallpapers.

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Boston Celtics
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