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Chelsea FC was founded in the 14th March 1905 in the pub «Rising sun» – opposite the spot where now stands the stadium «Stamford bridge». Football, won by the time the whole of England, was not especially popular in the capital, and businessman Henry Mears wanted in whatever was to establish in London an efficient football team.

The fact that the new owners built in 1877 for the athletics events of the stadium «Stamford bridge» considered holding on the stadium of the football competitions more promising business. Initially the stadium was offered as the home court of the club Fulham, but the cottagers had recently undertaken a renovation of its stadium, «Craven Cottage» and found the move to a new arena unjustified. And then it was decided to create a club from scratch. The team received the name «Chelsea».

Immediately after the establishment of the club was accepted into the Football League (it was an unprecedented case because the club is not conducted by the time a single match). With an impressive army of fans, they quickly proved their worth, and after 2 years went to the first division.

In the period preceding the First World war, Londoners had to descend lower, to rise again and reach the FA Cup final in 1915. As the conflict has gained momentum, to old Trafford, which were final, from London, got a few, and Chelsea was defeated club «Sheffield United» with the score 0-3.

20-30 years is hardly possible to bring the «blue» in akit – despite its own stadium, which drew crowds of fans (82905 spectators, who came in October 1935 Derby against Arsenal – a record of English Championships) and expensive acquisitions, the team shuttled between divisions, only once climbing to third place in the standings.

In the early 50’s after the resumption of English football tournaments, Chelsea have stayed twice at two steps from the FA Cup, losing in the semifinals of the sworn enemies of Arsenal. In the championship of the case «blue» was much worse – only goal difference saved the team from relegation from the first division in the season 1950/51.
In 1952 the team’s head coach is former England striker Ted Drake.

He started renovation of the club closely – upgraded, strengthened discipline, reconstructed the stadium. That’s when it with the emblem of the club has disappeared «retired» and an old nickname of the team that went for it since inception, and gradually forgotten.

The results were not long in coming – in 1955, Chelsea won the championship of England, some of Chelsea FC wallpaper are dedicated to this event. However, to consolidate the success of «blue» are unable – team, consisting mainly of older players, took only 16th place in season 1955/56 and in subsequent seasons was in the bottom of the table, despite the presence in its composition of one of the best graduates of the club’s Academy in the history of the team – striker Jimmy Gruza, who scored 132 goals in 169 appearances for the club.

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Chelsea FC
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