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Chess wallpaper

On July 20 in all countries and continents celebrated the international chess day. For the first time to celebrate it began in 1966 on the initiative of the world chess Federation. Date was chosen not casually: on this day in 1924 in Paris and was founded FIDE. Interest in chess has continued unabated over the centuries as well as the ongoing debate on the understanding of this lesson. Interesting facts from the world of chess, read on.

What is chess

Sport, game, science, art? All have different opinions. For example, Mikhail Botvinnik thought that this is a science, based on logic. Chess, in his opinion, the triumph of mind. But his namesake Mikhail tal his game has proven that it is a great art, able to give real aesthetic pleasure. The manner of conducting the game all the players kind: one likes to attack, the other is to build a defense, and others – the master of combinations. But in any case, all of the famous players – virtuosos.

The history of chess

The mother of this game I think the Indian Chaturanga, which originated in around I-II century ad
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