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The first mention of the game similar to basketball, is found in Maya. Two teams competed, who will throw a 4-pound rubber ball into a stone ring, carved on the wall. The losing team went home disgraced, and the winners were sacrificed to the gods.

On 15 January 1892 in the local newspaper of Springfield, James Naismith published rules for invented games. This day is the date of the origin of modern basketball. According to the rules of Naismith (there were 13) were forbidden dribbling. Players could only pass and throw the ball in the basket.

Today in basketball for more than 200 rules, but some rules James is still in effect. For example, the height of a basketball Hoop is 3 meters to 5 centimeters.
The first years as a basketball Hoop basket was used for peaches, which no one thought to cut the bottom.
Many years for basketball games used soccer balls.

In 1949 the United States was formed the national Basketball Association USA (NBA). At the moment it is the most famous basketball organization in the world.

Record NBA by quantity of the won Championships – 16 – belongs to the team BostonCeltics.
The most productive player in NBA history is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. During his career (20 seasons), he scored 38 387 points. I think this is an absolute record for many years.

Here’s an interesting fact about basketball in North Korea. According to North Korean regulations, the long shots are evaluated not in 3 and 4 points. Successful throwing the ball at the top of the basket (slam dunk) is estimated at 3 points (I agree with this, entertainment should be encouraged). In the last 3 minutes of the match, each successful throw is worth 8 points! Have the Koreans and the system of punishments during the game, points can be selected, for example, for missed free throw.

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Chris Paul
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