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Last week, «New York» has announced the transition of the once leader of the «Chicago» and the MVP of the League Derrick Rose. Explorer explains why this transfer will not bring any benefit neither the Knicks nor the player himself.

In a competitive environment, the quintessence of which is sport, it is very important to remain optimistic. It is difficult, but important. How do we know stories about how the greatest athletes have failed at the start of his career. Michael Jordan was not selected in the school team. Future eight-time winner of the Davis Cup for Stan Smith in this very contest not trust even Role Ballboy, saying that he is too skinny and uncoordinated.

Claiming faith in themselves and in the ultimate success of these and many other people realized that the fanfare and confetti is preceded by a long, painful, exhausting process of polishing their skills. They saw the end result, but first they had seen in the distance. Because, if this is not done, and firmly believe in the fact that from point A to point B the distance in a few graceful ballet moves, you can end up like johnny Manzel.

Brilliant American football player who for the second year in professionals lost employers contract with Nike, the protection of LeBron, and now immersed in the alcohol-drugged stupor and the trial about the beating of a girlfriend.

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Derrick Rose
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