The Visual Arts encoumpass all 2D & 3D Fine & Decorative Art forms, Crafts, Appied Arts, Asthetic Design, Architecture & Performance Art.

Visual Artists create Art in various forms and Mediums such as Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Design, Crafts, Photography, Video, Filmmaking and Architecture. Many artistic disciplines (Performing Arts, Conceptual Art, Textile Arts) involve aspects of the Visual Arts as well as Arts of other types. Also included within the Visual Arts are the Applied Arts such as Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Decorative Art.

Fine Art has always been considered one of the primary “Visual Arts” but the current usage of the term also includes the Applied Arts, Decorative Arts and Crafts, which was not always the case. Before the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain and elsewhere at the turn of the 20th century, the term ‘Artist’ was often restricted to a person working in the Fine Arts (such as Painting, Sculpture, or Printmaking) and not the Handicraft, Craft, or Applied Art Media. The distinction was emphasized by Artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement, who valued vernacular Art Forms as much as high forms. Art schools made a distinction between the Fine Arts and the Crafts, maintaining that a Craftsperson could not be considered a practitioner of the Arts.